About Me

I made a spur of the moment decision to create this website out of my obsession for dramas. I enjoy reading comments on YouTube videos and thought, why not create a blog to interact with like-minded people.

I love period dramas such as wuxia (ancient Chinese series) and sageuk (historical Korean drama). But really, I could watch anything - Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese Dramas, Glee, Heroes, even Anime. However, I have a soft spot for wuxia because thanks to my dad, I grew up around these type of movies.

I plead guilty to choosing shows that have some serious eye candy because I think that if we're going to invest hours and hours, it might as well be for someone cute.

I started out making lists of all my drama recommendations but I've since ventured to other things drama-related. 

I can also spend countless hours web-surfing anything under the sun, which you may see here. Thanks for visiting my site. Please share your thoughts, recommendations and suggestions in the comments section.

FAQ: People usually ask where they can watch dramas with eng subs. Please see my compilation of websites where you can watch to your heart's content.

Email me: yodaknows21@gmail.com


  1. Oh my gosh.... I have finally found someone who's like me.... I love Wuxia and Saguek also, because I grew up watching them with my mom... but other people think I'm weird ;D

    And I always look at the stills from the dramas before I choose a show to watch, same as your reason. Eyecandy.....

  2. Hi <3
    I just found your site. I am a drama lover. But lately I've run out with something to watch and then I found you. Can we be friends in FB so we can communicate and know what we are up to? Haha about drama I mean.. if you haven't seen 'Splash Splash Love'. Try it ! :) See ya <3

    1. Thanks jennelyn I don't fb much I usually google plus instead

      I keep seeing Splash Splash Love on forums and what not. Looks like I should really give it a try. You should watch Oh My Venus it's a very cute drama

      Happy New Year:)