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Is it a must-watch, pretty good, just another movie or downright boring?
Ratings: Must Watch. This drama made waves in Asia, trust the hype!
Title: Jumong / The Book of Three Han / The Prince of Legend / 朱蒙 / 삼한지-주몽 편
Episodes: 81
Air Date: 2006
Song Il Gook as Jumong
(Michael King in A Man Called God)
(Moo Hyul in Kingdom of the Winds)
(Harry in Lobbyist)
(main guy in the movie Art of Seduction)

Han Hye Jin as Soh Suh No
(main girl in Be Strong, Geum Soon! and Jejoongwon)

Kim Seung Soo as Prince Dae So

Similar Dramas: If you like Jumong, I can almost guarantee that you will like Queen Seon Deok and Jumong part 2 aka the Kingdom of the Winds. Or try Ballad of Suh Dong

Jumong is the third prince of Bu Yeo but unknown to him is that he is the son of General Hae Mo Su, a hero who fought against the Han to save the refugees. Upon learning the truth, Jumong vows to fulfill his father's dream and with the help of Lady So Seo No, he succeeds in overcoming all obstances and becoming the first king of Goguryeo.

Fun Fact: The character who plays Jumong's mom is the same age as the character who plays Jumong in real life, both were born in 1971!

Comments:I'll admit it. I watched Jumong because of Song Il Gook. He was too cool in Kingdom of the Winds (aka the Jumong sequel) and I heard that his portrayal of Jumong was epic. I'm currently on episode 45 and I'm watching slowly because I don't want the series to end. If you like Sageuks (Ancient Korean dramas), the 81 episodes of Jumong is definitely worth your time.

I liked the progression from useless Jumong to heroic Jumong. SIG's portrayal of pathetic Jumong was too good that I didn't even want to watch those scenes. Nevertheless, the character development was strong. Just as So Seo No who initially thought Jumong a fool, we are introduced to the cowardly Jumong who does nothing but make mistakes. He is punished and kicked out of the palace but throughout his journey, Jumong slowly develops into the man that will become the legendary King of Goguryeo. Just as So Seo No gradually realizes that Jumong is not a fool but a hero, we also grow to love the character Jumong.

Jumong's name means legendary archer.

Jumong and Lady So Seo No.

Check out the Jumong outtakes (NG clips) below. It's hilarious how the actors are in contrast to their roles.

Because I really want you to watch, try the following links:
Download Jumong OST main song

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