Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thousand Years of Love

Is it a must-watch, pretty good, just another movie or downright boring?
Ratings: Downright boring
Title:Thousand Years of Love / 千年之爱 / 천년지애
Episodes: 20
Air Date: 2003
Sung Yu Ri as Princess Puyeo-ju
(Kim Bo Ra in Snow Queen)
(main girl in Hong Gil Dong, Swallow the Sun, One Fine Day)

So Ji Sub as General Guishil Ari / Kang In-chul
(main guy in I'm Sorry I Love You, Cain and Abel)

Kim Nam Jin as General Kim Yu-suk / Fujiwara Tatsuji

Similar Dramas: Period dramas with a bit of time travel are becoming more popular these days such as A Step into the Past, Rooftop Prince, Queen Inhyun's Man.

Synopsis: This story is about a tragic love that transcends space and time. General Ari and Princess Puyeo-ju are lovers who could not be together in their past. A sudden twist of fate brings Princess Puyeo-ju from the past one thousand years into the future. She meets General Ari once again who is now a fashion designer in Korea. But destiny has also led them to meet General Kim Yu-suk who killed General Ari because of his love for Princess Puyeo-ju. Will their fates be reversed this time around?

Comments: I'm totally sold on Back to the Future type stories, unrealistic yet entertaining. What drew me to watch this show was the plot. It has the best of both worlds being both modern and sageuk, and with So Ji Sub and Sung Yu Ri as the main leads, it had the makings of a good drama. Unfortunately, the drama didn't live up to my expectations.

I can't say what exactly I didn't like but little things like the fact that So Ji Sub looked out of place in ancient Korea put me off. It literally seemed like the director put a wig and a mustache on So Ji Sub but everyone still knows that it's a costume. Sung Yu Ri seemed too young in the drama, not that that's a no-no but I got used to seeing her in Hong Gil Dong, more mature but definitely aging with beauty. There were too many flashbacks going back and forth between the past and the present that I started skipping those scenes. In a nutshell, I lost interest when I got to the 4th episode and stopped watching.

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